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5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2022

by Lottar

Content marketing is a great way to engage consumers, but it requires a never-ending need for topics. Never fear though. In November 2022, you can celebrate vegans, write about not shaving, profile letters to Santa, tell a local business story, or offer last-minute gift suggestions.

Content marketing is the compilation or creation of blog posts, podcast episodes or videos to attract, engage and retain customers. It is most effective when it provides useful, informative or entertaining information based on search engine optimization.

Here are five content marketing ideas your business can use in November 2022.

1. Celebrate Vegans

November is World Veganism and November 1st is World Veganism Day. For some brands, this provides an opportunity to connect with a relatively small but loyal audience.

There are believed to be about 79 million vegans worldwide, including about 3% of the US population and about 12% of millennials.

Veganism is popular among a small but growing group of shoppers. Photo: Roam in Color.

The term “vegan” can have two meanings. For some, the term describes a way of life that seeks to exclude as far as possible and practically all forms of exploitation and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. And dietary vegans (sometimes known as “strict vegetarians”) recognize veganism as a healthy eating strategy that avoids all animal products—essentially plant-based eating.

Both types are willing to invest in products and services that fit their lifestyle. The Plant Based Food Association estimates that Americans will spend $7.4 billion on those products in 2021. The market is growing by about 6% annually.

If vegans are part of your company’s product base, consider publishing content that validates those choices and calls out the vegan items your company sells.

2. Movember; No shave November

November is a good month to grow a mustache or beard and create content about it. Photo: Parker Coffman.

Movember is a global campaign to raise awareness for men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. The campaign asks men to grow mustaches or beards throughout November.

No-Shave November is a similar but more common campaign that asks people to forego shaving to raise cancer awareness.

Your company can participate in one or both of these campaigns by producing content that promotes the cause and encourages people to donate to related charities. For example, you could write blog posts about the importance of men’s health, share stories about how cancer has affected people you know, or produce videos showing mustache and beard styles men can try.

Your business can also donate a portion of November sales to related charities.

3. Dear Santa Claus

The second week of November is traditionally when children write letters to Santa Claus. Photo: Drz.

The second week of November is “Dear Santa Letter Week.” It is a time when children wrote letters to Santa asking for Christmas presents.

For November content marketing, you can create entertaining posts with your customers’ Dear Santa letters, or you can feature such letters from famous or fictional individuals.

A more serious approach would be to run a contest in which consumers submit their Dear Santa letters to your business for a chance to win. All letters submitted can become user-generated content on your site.

4. Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a content marketing event for merchants who sell online and from physical stores. Photo: Tim Mossholder.

Small Business Saturday is a US-based event on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Created in 2010 by American Express, the event encourages people to shop at smaller firms.

Small Business Saturday is a content marketing option for multi-channel retailers with an online store and at least one physical location. The content can focus on a business’s contribution to the community.

For example, Turkish African Middle-Easter, a small, three-generation store transported from Antalya, Turkey, to Boise, Idaho, would make an excellent story.

Find your connection with the community. You may be the only business in town that sells a particular type of product. Focus on that in your content.

5. Last minute gift guides

Some shoppers will wait until the last minute to shop. Photo: Eugene Zhyvcik.

The 2022 holiday shopping season is likely to begin in October. But don’t forget about the procrastinators in your audience of customers and prospects. Many people will wait until the last minute to do their gift shopping.

Target this group with a series of last-minute gift guides. Target specific recipients, such as “Last Minute Gifts for Moms” or “The Procrastination Guide to Shopping for Your Favorite Cousin.”

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