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Dukaan joins hands with ShareChat, Moj for merchants, creators

by Lottar

SaaS platform for online stores Dukaan announced on Friday that it has a partnership with ShareChat and Moj that will enable the merchants on its platform to collaborate with creators present on ShareChat and Moj to promote their products through video and promote live content.

This partnership, which was first launched on Moj this month, will enable small and medium enterprises on Dukaan, present in different regions of India, to promote their products and services with the help of millions of regional creators who have a strong influence among their audience.


“SMBs and e-commerce brands are struggling with high customer acquisition costs on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads, while the creator economy is emerging as a new frontier to cost-effectively generate demand,” said Suumit Shah, CEO of Dukaan. in a statement.

“Dukaan has built a unique network of merchants through its mobile-first approach and razor-sharp focus on SMBs. ShareChat and Moj bring a highly scalable and efficient vehicle to reach their target audience and grow their business on this modern, future-ready platform With this partnership, sellers will now be able to partner with millions of creators who are the right fit for their brand and leverage their reach to drive meaningful ROI,” Shah added.

These businesses will acquire another sales channel to grow their presence beyond SEO and social advertising, the company said. This partnership will also provide monetization opportunities to the creators present on Moj and ShareChat, making video and live commerce a sustainable revenue stream, a statement said.

Earlier this year, Moj launched live and video commerce on its platform and has seen promising growth in revenue and creator monetization.

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