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Fintech App Karma Launches AI-Based Embedded Checkout

by Lottar

Online shopping app Karma launched an AI-based embedded payment feature ‘Pay with Karma’. It gives consumers shopping online a one-swipe purchase feature across all retailers with a variety of payment options.

The feature is powered by a variety of global payment providers, including online payment processing platform Stripe. The built-in payment function allows consumers to pay with debit or credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Payas well as interest-free installment payment plans.

The feature means that online shoppers are not required to enter and share their payment information with a variety of different retailers. Instead, all payment information is stored by Karma, which can then be used across websites.

Jonathan Friedmanco-founder and CEO of Karma explained: “Paying with Karma puts the emphasis on privacy and security. Shoppers don’t have to share their payment details with different retailers or fill in their information for each purchase, providing a safe, fast and comfortable experience guaranteed.”

Friedman also commented on the other potential benefits of a single checkout: “For the first time, online shoppers will be able to shop their favorite stores with a single checkout while also getting the lowest possible price. We’re also giving shoppers more choices in their payments with the introduction of a buy now pay later option, one of the most popular payment options for Gen-Z shoppers.”

Karma campaign is ‘all about creativity’

Karma described the marketing campaign launching alongside its new checkout process as a “first-of-its-kind” initiative. Influencers selected from Youtube, TikTok and Instagram give ‘real’ reviews for the ad as if they were watching a TV series or feature film.

The campaign, which kicks off on Tuesday 18 October 2022, will run across digital, social media, influencer marketing and affiliate marketing channels. This follows the premiere of the first broadcast ad on the Karma YouTube page.

Mor Pesso Eblagon, Karma
Mor Pesso Eblagon, CMO, Karma

Mor Pesso Eblagon, Chief Marketing Officer at Karma says, “Karma is changing the way people shop online and giving consumers so many smart features that help them save big cash. It’s just online shopping – but better.

“Karma allows you to save everything from wherever you get price drop updates and pay the lowest price – every time. We’re all about creativity, so our new ad was part of a whole ‘review campaign’.

“For the first time, over 50 major influencers are going to give an honest review and react to our ad as if it were a TV show or a movie.”

Karma has amassed more than four million users and, according to the Karma website, has saved its users a total of more than $200 million since its launch. The app allows users to save money on online purchases in a number of ways, including automatically applying popular discount codes, alerting users of price drops on stored items and more.

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