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Free-speech champion Andrew Tate sends cease and desist to YouTuber

by Lottar

Free speech champion Andrew Tate, recently declared excommunicado by most social media platforms, has filed a strike against H3H3 Productions YouTuber Ethan Klein.

Andrew Tate has recently been removed from all major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube, with the internet superstar being removed for violations of various community guidelines and standards. Many of the social media platforms found Tate’s content and re-uploaded Tate-centric content in violation of hate speech, citing misogynistic views.

In response to this ban, Tate created a “final message” video that was posted on his website. The 1 hour+ video delved deep into the subject of his ban and why Tate believes it is unjustified, and how he will proceed in the future. Tate goes into his childhood, his relationship with women, the “false internet image” created of him, his true intentions behind his content, how it is a violation of freedom of speech, and more.

Largely omitted from the video was Tate’s creation of what may be the most successful affiliate marketing scheme to Internet fame yet, which involved Tate and his professors at Hustler’s University encouraging paying members to create Tate-centric content for social media platforms by his old videos. One of the best ways to make money in Hustler’s University was to repurpose Tate’s content, with the group even encouraging members to use content that was controversial for better results.

Hustler’s University members who had an affiliate link with the group received a percentage of the $49.99 registration fee. This tactic spread among thousands of HU members, all trying to generate the most viral video of Tate to get the most money from their affiliate links, was extremely effective as Tate was the most Googled person for a period of time on the planet.

Now that Tate has been removed, he has appeared in several publications saying that he is “playing a character” and that he is a symbol of freedom of speech under attack. In addition, Tate submitted a cease and desist letter to Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions and The H3 Podcast, demanding that the YouTuber stop talking about him publicly. Klein posed the question to Tate’s “free speech champions,” highlighting the alleged hypocrisy of Tate’s decision to effectively silence Klein while championing free speech.

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