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From ad banner to add to cart, how brands are leveraging digital marketing

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By Aditya Chokhani

India has around 500 million smartphone users. When combined with factors such as a growing telecommunications sector and cheaper internet connectivity, the smartphone revolution has provided users with more sources of information and interaction. The possibility has also cleared the way for digital marketing, with firms embracing digital adoption to reach out to their target population. It has evolved as a successful brand engagement tool that uses technology to provide organizations with actionable data insights into consumer behavior.

How can digital marketing help?

Marketing is the most effective approach to put a company in front of its target audience or customers. It is important for small and medium-sized businesses to outgrow their competitors. Digital marketing allows you to use proven strategic tactics that don’t necessarily drive more traffic, but highly targeted traffic that delivers results. It uses social media signals as well as testimonials from actual customers who have previously used a service advertised by a certain brand.

Who Can Benefit From Digital Marketing?

Small and medium-sized enterprises require prudent investments as they face hundreds of obstacles at every stage, with limited resources and even finances. Hence, one can promote their businesses with a proper combination of digital marketing techniques that can focus on each business tactic, making it more cost-effective than traditional marketing. With digital marketing, small and medium-sized businesses now have the ultimate resources to perform marketing functions to increase sales and create a new audience base.

Some of the most effective strategies in digital marketing include:

An increase in affiliate marketing

Being discovered organically is becoming increasingly important for brands, so in addition to banners and emails, brands are flocking to YouTube and Instagram content creators to weave their brand as part of the content to reach like-minded audiences. Incentive structures are also being developed, such as personalized coupon codes for creators, which serve to create trust and also increase conversions.

Customized regional communication

More than 70% of Indians consume content in regional languages. Local language use has been a crucial driver of a brand’s cultural relevance, visibility and customer resonance in India. In a large and diversified market like India, appealing to the country’s non-English speaking majority helps bond with new consumers and helps roll out language-first digital branding initiatives at scale.

Many firms take advantage of this by using specialized creative and exclusive offers, especially during festive seasons in certain locations.

WhatsApp and hyperlocal apps are on the rise

While WhatsApp integration has become almost standard for companies to reach out directly to customers, there has also been a growth in the use of various OTT, gaming and short video applications for ad placement, as it drives higher conversion in Tier-2 and See level. -3 markets.

Cooperation with Flexi-pay providers

Since 2020, India has seen an increase in the number of digital lenders offering BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) options. Many brands provide these as payment options at checkout on their websites and often incentivize their use by offering cash back or additional discounts.

Focus on ease of purchase

The path from an ad banner to an add-to-cart is a simple 2-3 click process, but most brands or advertisers struggle with the science behind generating those 2-3 clicks and completing the full funnel.

However, there are cases where advertisers insist on focusing on final conversions and ROI while ignoring the user’s buying cycle, journey or process, resulting in lost revenue.

It is highly recommended to focus equally on the process, UI/UX, technology infrastructure, attribution modeling and ease of purchase for users to drive brand performance and then optimize campaigns.

For first-time digital advertisers, new-age platforms like Shopify for non-techies and Canva for design and marketing collateral are extremely helpful.

Shut down

Digital marketing is one of the most effective strategies for reaching new customers and achieving business goals. Furthermore, it offers a number of techniques, from video to email to social media, to help you achieve your specific goals. Digital marketing is the way to go if you want to improve sales, revenue, awareness or loyalty.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to digital marketing success. However, you can achieve success in digital marketing by embracing the various aspects of digital marketing discussed above.

The author is vice president, strategy, Auburn Digital Solutions

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