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Highstreet Advertising, Inc., a Marketing Agency, Offers Local SEO, Website Design, and Digital Marketing Services in Puyallup, WA

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Puyallup, WA – (NewMediaWire) – October 24, 2022 – In addition to building and creating impressive products and services, companies and businesses need good marketing plans. Highstreet Advertising, Inc., a Pullallup/Pierce County based marketing agency, is home to experienced and talented individuals with big ideas. Thanks to the team and its experience, it is a perfect match for most local businesses interested in scaling their operations and getting more customers.

One of the services that the marketing agency offers is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps clients increase web traffic, achieve a better return on investment (over the long term than Google Ads), create stronger brand awareness and achieve trackable and quantifiable results. The first step to being at the top of the search engines is SEO evaluation, which the team at Highstreet Advertising offers for free.

The agency then builds the best foundation possible. In addition to using focus keywords, the team uses other building blocks, such as the right titles, meta descriptions, keywords and ideal headlines, to make the client more discoverable. Other ways to improve the client’s ranking and make their site as friendly as possible to Google include making the site faster and increasing load time by optimizing sites built by others.

In addition to SEO, the agency helps local businesses and professionals turn searches into customer acquisition through Facebook ads and Google ad campaigns. The pay-per-click (PPC) service offered by the agency allows the client to have targeting options, budget flexibility, faster results and brand exposure. Depending on the ad campaign’s performance, the company can also help them with remarketing, optimizing the high-performing keywords and changing strategies to drive traffic to their website.

Highstreet Advertising, Inc. also offers website design services to businesses interested in revamping their sites or building new ones. To make a good website, the agency focuses on three important factors: interface, digital foundation and how to optimize the website for search. With the three, the local business gains online credibility, improves its online presence, improves user experience and makes the website discoverable.

When building a responsive website, the team follows an eight-phase design process, starting with planning, staging/development, and website design/content building. Other steps include mobile design to make the website mobile-friendly and adjusting keywords to get more traffic.

The team also tests the new website before training the client (in a 1-2 hour training session) on how to edit content and understand analytics. If interested, the client can request Google My Business services, where the team geotags and reviews listings and updates the site with new photos and categories.

In addition, Highstreet Advertising, Inc. helps local businesses with online listings. Considering wrong addresses, phone numbers and spelling mistakes can hurt a company, the agency is involved in claiming the listings and ensuring everything is consistent from the website to other business listings. With the team’s assistance, the local businesses get extra platforms for reviews and increase the chances that more customers will find them.

Additionally, the agency helps clients promote and engage with clients on social media. The team devises ways to improve outreach, such as scheduling posting and software, creating videos and stills, and customizing artwork and memes. Other forms of building connections with potential customers include repurposing newsletters and blog posts and providing industry news. With the social media plan, the company improves its visibility, builds relationships and positions itself as an industry leader.

Speaking about the company’s commitment to increasing businesses’ online presence, a client commented, “Highstreet Advertising is an incredible value for the quality of work and the results they deliver. JT and his staff have me Updated cookie cutter site that Google ignored. . Now I get 4x results from this and their organic SEO. It’s a no brainer if you want to increase your internet presence.”

Clients interested in SEO services, website design or digital marketing and advertising services can contact the marketing agency at 253-845-0230. Highstreet Advertising, Inc. is located at 4111 S Meridian #101, Puyallup, WA, 98373, US. Visit the website to learn more about their Puyallup office.

Media contact:

Company Name: Highstreet Advertising, Inc.

Contact person: Jeff Hochstrasser

Phone: 253-845-0230

Address: 4111 S Meridian #101

City: Puyallup

State: WAGON

Postal code: 98373

Country: USA

Website: https://highstreetad.com/

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