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How to safely send remittance to Bangladesh?

by Lottar

According to the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment, 13 million Bangladeshis live overseas, making it the fourth highest number among the top 20 countries of immigration. The amount of remittances received by the banking system in July was $2.09 billion, the most in the previous 14 months. The expatriates send money to Bangladesh in different ways. However, not all ways are safe. Let’s discuss some legal and safe ones ways to send remittances to Bangladesh from anywhere in the world.

8 Safe and Easiest Ways to Send Remittance to Bangladesh


Expatriate Bangladeshis living abroad can easily and conveniently send money to the respective bKash accounts of their relatives in Bangladesh through authorized and listed foreign banks, money transfer organizations (MTOs) and money exchange houses.

To send money from abroad to a bKash account in Bangladesh, visit authorized and partner bank branches/money exchange/MTO agents. Then provide the recipient’s bKash account number and full name (while opening the bKash account).

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After that, pay the required amount and request the bank/money exchange/MTO agent to carry out the money transfer process. In this way, anyone can receive remittance in minutes directly in the bKash number.

Besides, if you have a Wise account, you can also send money to Bkash through Wise.


The expatriates living overseas can send money to relatives in Bangladesh via Rocket – the mobile banking service of Dutch Bangla Bank. To send money, the sender has to visit any nominated exchange houses of Dutch-Bangla Bank located near his or her place. The expatriates can also check if the other nearby Bangladeshi banks offer the service of sending money to Bangladesh via Rocket MFS.

Then the person must provide the Beneficiary’s Name, Bank Name (Dutch-Bangla Bank) and Rocket Account Number. The transferred money will be available in the beneficiary’s Rocket number within 24-72 hours. Once the transfer is complete, the recipient will get the SMS immediately.

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MoneyGram is one of the most famous money transfer services in the world. MoneyGram has approximately 176,000 global agents in 180 countries and territories. Sending money with MoneyGram is instant. This means that if you send money from abroad to someone’s name or bKash number in Bangladesh using MoneyGram, it will reach the country instantly.

The recipient can collect the money from any MoneyGram agents or bank accounts by providing their NID photocopy and the tracking number provided by the sender. Scammers can even send the money directly to the recipient’s bank account.

To send money from abroad to Bangladesh, the expatriate should contact the nearest bank or financial institution marked with the MoneyGram logo. Then the customer service will supervise and carry out the rest process. More information can be extracted from the MoneyGram website. After that, the sender can know the details of the money transfer process by clicking on the live chat box available on their website.

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Western Union

Western Union is one of the most trusted and authorized ways to send remittances to Bangladesh. When an expat wants to send money back home, he/she must contact a designated Western Union agent and fill out a form. While making the payment to the Western Union agent, the sender must specify the recipient’s name, address and amount on the form.

After that, the agent will provide a reference number to the sender. This reference number is called MTCN. Usually this number has 10 digits. This is basically a money transfer tracking number.

With that number, anyone can check the status of the transfer. If this MTCN number is given to the recipient, the recipient can directly withdraw money from any agent or Bank.

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Apart from this, if the sender gives the bank account information to the agent while sending the money, the money will be deposited directly into the account.


It was formerly known as Transferwise. This is an online money transfer service, which means an expat can send money using a debit/credit card or bank account.

To use this service, an expatriate must open an account on the official website of Wise. Then the sender must provide the recipient’s details and pay the required amount to Wise. Once the transaction is completed, transferred money should be available within 7 to 24 hours.

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Xoom is a money transfer service owned by PayPal. This platform can be used to send money from the US to other countries. To send the money, the sender must have a Xoom account, which they can open online on the Xoom website. Xoom has 2 options, cash withdrawal and bank deposit.

If you want to withdraw cash, you can withdraw cash from your nearest cash point. The list of cash points can be found on Xoom’s website. In the case of the bank deposit option, the sender must log in to Xoom, then enter the recipient’s bank details and pay the money. The remittance will be credited to the recipient’s account within 2-3 days.

Ria Money Transfer

It is available in about 160 countries. Anyone can receive money in 149 countries, including Bangladesh. They have both an online money transfer system and an offline transfer system through agent locations.

For the online transfer, an expatriate can only use a debit, credit card or bank account to pay the desired amount. Then Ria will send the money to the recipient’s account.

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To transfer via an agent, expatriates need to visit their nearby agent’s location and pay them the money. Whether the remittance is sent via online or through an agent, the money will be transferred within a few hours. Then the receiver can pick up cash or receive it in a bank. account.


Like Xoom, Remitly is an online-based money transfer system available in 135 countries. The transfer system is the same as the Xoom and Wise.

However, they have a partnership with some Bangladeshi banks, which include Sonali Bank, Islami Bank, Prime Bank Limited, Janata Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, Standard Chartered, Mutual Trust Bank and Agrani Bank Limited. So, the expats can easily send remittances via Remitly and the recipients can withdraw cash from these banks.

Final Words

A significant proportion of Bangladeshi citizens stay outside the country for work. However, many expatriates face problems while sending their hard-earned money to their relatives and relatives living in Bangladesh. While looking for an easy platform to send money, some expats fall prey to the illegal or risky ways and become victims of scams.

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The Government of Bangladesh recommends legal ways to send remittances to Bangladesh. To encourage legal ways to send remittances in Bangladesh, the government provides 2.5% incentives.

So far we have discussed 8 platforms to send remittances to Bangladesh securely. All these money transfer providers charge certain fees for the transfer. The amount of the fee depends on the location and exchange rates. The receivers do not have to pay any charges as the sender will cover the fees.

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