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Hustlers University 3.0: The Future of Learning

by Lottar

Hustler’s University was an online phenomenon in its debut year, 2021. HU3.0 is the latest generation of a street-wise learning trend sweeping the world over the expanding freelance community, which appreciates the potential for passive income from a range of skills .

Known as an online phenomenon when it first launched in 2021, Hustler’s University has taken the world by storm in its first year of operations. Today, HU3.0 is the new iteration of a street-wise learning trend sweeping the world riding on the growth of the freelance community, for whom the ability to make passive income from a variety of skills appeals. Skills-based and lifelong learning programs have long been an eagerly accepted form of education for the marginalized, hoping to rise through the social strata. Operating out of Ga., USA, this university has reached over the Internet and today boasts more than 160,000 active members worldwide.

As an online skills-based program, Hustlers University boasts a panel of hyper-motivated trainers who are experts in their fields. They serve as professors and are industry-proven individuals, not theorists. Each of them have earned over $1 million with the techniques they practice and they still earn up to $500 thousand per month. They willingly share their knowledge and expertise and with their guidance and networks it is not difficult to imagine how a member can rise from zero to a position of making money through passive income. A key feature of the university is the transformative process it adopts to release the latent potential within us all through a positive and highly focused program supported by a community of like-minded peers.

The university runs several campuses offering a diverse range of skills learning programmes, all of which are based on one-to-one tutelage. Each program is divided into three segments, ensuring that the learning environment on the platform is supported by a mix of visual, auditory and interactive techniques. Members can access these resources through the Knowledge Hub, Starting eCom and Chats channels.

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Being entirely discord server driven, navigation for new users is made easy by its server bot. Members are free to choose their courses and immediately begin training and understanding the fundamentals of each program. Content is organized in a structured way and includes both text and video lessons. It has also set up a dedicated resource channel to provide members with a comprehensive list of how-to instruction manuals, including modules that help you set up your Shopify store.

There is little doubt that Hustler’s University’s appeal stems from its innate understanding of the man on the street trying to climb the social ladder. A member begins by selecting a suitable time/cash quadrant. It is simply an assessment of how much time and cash you have available and represents a well-known and easily understood adaptation of Stephen Covey’s Four Quadrant model. The categories – Time Poor and Cash Rich, Time Rich and Cash Rich, Time Poor and Cash Poor, and Time Rich and Cash Poor – allow members to quickly resonate with these four quadrants as they have direct relevance to their position in the real world. There are no age restrictions, and even young adults are encouraged to join.

With an affordable joining fee, many freelancers have joined as members to discover new options to generate passive income. It may not work for everyone, but there are undoubtedly a large number of those who have succeeded.

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Hustler’s University is an online program that aims to help people make money online through 18 modern wealth creation methods. Established to teach people to earn passive income in a variety of online industries, the programs are run by trainers who are successful experts in their fields.

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