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Influencer Aliou’s goal to teach youngsters about making money through social media

by Lottar

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Although making money online has become very popular in recent years, carving out a career can still be challenging, especially for young people. With hundreds and thousands of websites, coaching classes, videos and many platforms for content creation, young people are often confused about what to do and where to start. To help young people make money through social media, influencer Aliou founded an agency to do just that.

Unlike many people who coach online about making money through social media, Aliou saw that young people were often left out. With so much online content and material, not much is dedicated to young people or even children. This is exactly what he wants to do. Aliou wants to teach young people how to start making money through social media.

Aliou understands the incredible potential that most social media platforms have, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and a few others. He also knows that there is a healthy amount of content and competition on these platforms, so young people can easily find themselves intimated. Aliou’s coaching will help these people get started on the right track and sort out their finances.

Dreams and passions are high when people are young, and Aliou knows this, which is why he wants to help young people realize their dreams. Teenagers, children and even young adults struggle to manage their finances, which can lead to financial problems later on. Aliou wants to teach them how to make money so that they can also manage it early on. Eliminating mistakes in later years is a big part of what Aliou focuses his efforts on.

Aliou himself has been tricked several times to make things work online. However, he came back stronger each time. These experiences also helped Aliou understand what it’s like to be a newbie and the threats people face when trying to make money online.

Aliou’s own Instagram is somewhere he likes to communicate with his followers. Currently, he has managed to amass a following of over 26.2K. His one post on Instagram received over 1.4K likes and over 146 comments. He communicates with his followers mostly through Instagram stories, where he shows his lifestyle, photos and videos of himself and some famous people he has met and worked with. These become strong motivating factors for Aliou’s audience and anyone willing to use his services.

When asked for words of wisdom, Aliou says that you should always believe in yourself and never let anyone else tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams. Aliou says he wants to inspire more than 1 million people, all by the time he is 20 years old. Looking at its track record, it may be closer to becoming a reality than most people think.

“I inspire young people” is what Aliou said when asked to sum up his work in one sentence, and his essence and passion could not be captured in more accurate words. As time goes by, more young people will benefit from Aliou’s teachings.

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