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Japanese Gaming Firm Hunting NFT Talent To Enter The Marketplace

by Lottar

Japanese gaming company Konami is joining the fray as numerous businesses expand into the NFT, Web3 and Metaverse zones. To increase its options on the Metaverse, NFT and Web3 platforms, the online gaming company has opened job positions.

For system development and repair improvement, Konami has announced that it needs skilled personnel. This has to do with his intentions to create the Web3 and Metaverse platforms.

The gaming company has also acknowledged incorporating the latest gaming technologies through its research and development department. In addition, it announced its intentions to launch a game-specific NFT trading platform. The buy and sell mechanism for Non-Fungible Tokens will allow players to exchange digital items they have acquired in-game.

Konami: Successful people to work on the distribution of unique digital merchandise

Positions for programmers, project managers, systems engineers, designers and administrators are listed on Konami’s job board. Successful applicants will have the opportunity to work on a cutting-edge digital goods distribution platform that meets Japanese recommendations for blockchain video games.

The most recent upgrade isn’t Konami’s first foray into non-swampable tokens. To celebrate the anniversary of its Castlevania franchise, it launched an NFT series in January.

Among traditional gamers, Konami is best known for creating the video games Castlevania, Dance Dance Revolution, Metallic Gear Stable and Fogger. The gaming industry is not slowing down either, as technology evolves in blockchain and many gaming sectors move into the metaverse.

While this was going on, a few traditional gaming companies faced resistance to their entry into the NFT market. One of these companies is Ubisoft, whose Quartz platform faced heavy criticism in early 2022.

Quartz NFT Venture by Ubisoft receives criticism from users

Gamers took issue with Ubisoft’s claim that die-hard players must first fully understand the benefits of NFTs. Nicolas Pouard, vice chairman of Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, responded to certain players’ unfavorable suggestions, which upset some players.

The players exaggerated Nicolas’ comment that players don’t understand what the secondary digital market can offer by holding on to it. Other players saw Ubisoft’s entry into the NFTs’ house as a move to steal money.

The intense debate surrounding Ubisoft’s NFT gaming initiative was quelled by the company’s CEO in September. Instead, the CEO said that the company is only researching Web3 technology integrations. The 2022 crypto bear market also had an impact on sales volume. For example, NFT’s total sales in OpenSea Market on August 28 was $5 million. According to DappRader data, this could be a 99% guess based on their record of $405.75 million on May 1st.

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