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July 2022 Affiliate Marketing Trends Prove Consumers Are Still Spending on Sex Toys, Anniversary Sales, and Streaming Services

by Lottar

Although the consumer sentiment index remains low at 51.5, and shoppers remain anxious about inflation and a possible recession, doom and gloom are certainly not in the forecast ahead.

In fact, there is reason to celebrate because the opposite is true.

Consumer spending remained relatively steady across several categories. At the same time, e-commerce sales boomed in July, growing 11.7% year over year, the first double-digit jump for the industry since December, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse.

Over the past few months, affiliate data from Skimlinks (a Taboola company) has shown us that consumers have focused primarily on purchasing wedding-related items and home goods.

In July, buyers took new directions. New topics that have driven sales for publishers include:

  • The Nordstrom Birthday Sale
  • The best sex toys on the market
  • How to live stream sports events

Even if these trends were driven by specific events that have now passed, advertisers and publishers can use the lessons learned to inform their strategies. Doing so will increase traffic, generate higher click-through rates and earn you more commissions.

Let’s take a closer look at Julie’s affiliate marketing trends and the key takeaways you need to know.

Shop Till You Drop at Nordstrom

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is one of July’s most anticipated shopping events, perfectly timed for the back-to-school shopping season. Knowing that the sale appeals to fashionistas looking for the hottest fall and winter items and consumers with a splurge but thrift mentality, publishers who have developed content about the hottest items and the best deals have done exceptionally well risk in terms of commissions earned.

If you’re a publisher and missed out on promoting this sale, fear not, because another big one is right around the corner! Bloomingdale’s 150th Anniversary Sale begins September 8. Consumers will want to grab many of the thousands of discounted items, and you can point them in the right direction while increasing your revenue.

If you are an advertiser, you might consider holding your anniversary sale, as consumers associate anniversary sales with the best deals. Consider marketing your anniversary sale early and teasing savings to build excitement for the event.

Key takeaways: Publishers should cover the top deals during anniversary sales, and advertisers should plan to run competitive campaigns. Consider holding your own birthday sale, as consumers are willing to spend if the deal is too good to pass up.


Summer Lovin’ (with sex toys)

We all know the phrase ‘sex sells’, and you’ve probably even charged it at some point to create clickable, drool-worthy content or campaigns for your brand. Well, July 31st was Nation Orgasm Day. Yes, it really is a holiday.

As with many of these fun, if not somewhat disgusting social holidays, people celebrated by buying sex toys and spinning them between the sheets, after all, the day is all about sex positivity.

Again, the holiday itself is over, but the sex toy market is booming. By 2026, it will be worth $54.6 billion, with an accelerated CAGR of 11.27%. After July, sex toys are consistently top sellers for publishers. We often see a spike in purchases in the months leading up to Valentine’s Day and Christmas. With July now in the mix, sex toys can increase your commissions all year long.

Key takeaways: If you’re a publisher with the right audience or an affiliate marketer ready to target sex-positive consumers, this is an opportunity worth taking.

Focus on creating evergreen content that promotes the most loved products and keeps things fresh with articles on the latest tech-infused toys. As always, consumers will love and appreciate guides to the best deals.

If you’re a sex toy retailer, consider mixing up your marketing for the rest of the summer. Maybe have a Labor Day sale!


Live Streaming Sports Score a Goal

Cord cutters are still trying to fill the gap left when they ditched their traditional cable packages. Although many streaming services have been around for some time, consumers are still looking for ways to stream different shows, especially big games or sporting events. That’s exactly what we saw in July’s search trends, spurred by MLB’s all-star gathering and the Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona Club Friendly match. Articles and campaigns on how to stream live sports events are sure to attract a lot of engagement and win you fans and revenue.

With the global sports online live video streaming market set to soar and be worth $87.338 million by 2028, developing content that speaks to this audience will pay off in spades.

Key takeaways: This is a very promising and potentially profitable insight for US streaming services as we approach the 2022-23 NFL season and the World Cup. Maximize brand impressions on premium sports publishers at scale with Taboola’s high impact sports package.

With Taboola’s high impact sports package, brands can capture users’ attention when they engage with the content they consume in an editorial environment such as on ESPN, NBC Sports or CBS Sports.

Publishers can win big by promoting streaming services that offer live sports like Hulu, fuboTV and Sling TV. Most viewers include the phrase ‘how to watch’ or ‘how to stream’, so be sure to mimic that language in your content and native ads to get the best bang for your buck.undefined


Have a lovely September

Now is your chance to end Q3 on a financial high and feel good as you enter the craziness of Q4 and holiday sales.

Each trend discussed here may have been fueled by something specific in the calendar, but all should be popular throughout the rest of the year, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to understand them and incorporate into your marketing strategy.

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