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KlayMeta: The All-In-One NFT Game Bringing Web3 Gaming to the Masses

by Lottar

Quick take:

  • KlayMeta has built an all-in-one gaming ecosystem for web3 gamers.
  • The blockchain game developer prioritized making fun games rather than unsustainable money-making tools.
  • KlayMeta developers believe that building strong communities is the key to bringing success to web3 games.

Blockchain gaming is widely seen as the future of gaming within the crypto space. Yet, while venture capital firms continue to pour money into the industry, a larger population of the mainstream gaming market refuses to be swayed.

References can be made to Ubisoft’s failed attempt to bring in-game assets to Ghost Recon, or even more recently, Minecraft’s decision to ban NFTs from its platform. It was the wild west of crypto gaming.

Mainstream players believe that the current play-to-earn blockchain gaming model is driven by greed, which often contributes to lower quality games. This has become a big problem for avid players in the community who just want to have fun.

Enter Play-and-Earn

Blockchain game developers have adopted a more conservative model called, play-and-earn to remedy the situation. This concept focuses on building gaming economies that focus on creating fun games with certain elements of ownership and crypto rewards.

Because the focus is on building communities by joining mainstream players, some blockchain game makers looking to start from scratch are finding it difficult to reach their targets.

On the other hand, mainstream game makers looking to add some form of monetization to their games without sacrificing quality face strong opposition from their communities.

This creates a dilemma that can be solved by connecting the two sets of players via a platform that allows willing players to use blockchain-based characters and features in their gameplay without disrupting the economic model of the game they are playing . Crypto players who want to play high-quality games without leaving the blockchain can also benefit from the same platform.

There are not many web3 platforms that can offer such an experience. This is where KlayMeta, a web3 gaming ecosystem built on Klayton blockchain, South Korea’s leading blockchain network, comes in.

KlayMeta is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) built on the Klaytn blockchain. The game is scheduled to go multi-chain with the addition of the BNB chain in October, giving players access to more crypto products.

The game is powered by the play-and-earn model, where players can earn rewards and NFTs from their gaming activity. KlayMeta also comes with an internal NFT platform, which allows players to exchange and trade tokens, as well as convert in-game NFT assets to KlayMeta utility token $META.

KlayMeta was built to solve one of the nagging issues of the blockchain gaming industry. The platform wants to give smaller blockchain gaming platforms an opportunity to get players out of the mainstream and thus accelerate community growth. On the other side,

On the other hand, traditional game titles that want to offer their players an opportunity to experiment with NFTs and crypto don’t need to integrate the full concept into their games. This protects them from backlash from traditional players.

One beneficiary of this concept is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, a mobile game that operates completely off-chain. Players earn MUDOL stones when playing the game, which can be exchanged for $MUDOL2 tokens on the KlayMeta platform.

Thus, KlayMeta’s gaming platform acts as an all-in-one gaming metaverse that connects the mainstream to the blockchain, helping to bring the masses on board to bring web3/web3 to the masses.

The company’s game also offers some unique gameplay concepts and characters, including the ability to merge NFT avatars to gain more powers and skills.

KlayMeta’s platform allows players to use off-chain products without disrupting their gameplay. This allows them to exchange the native game token for off-chain tokens and vice versa.

The game attempted to separate on-chain activities from off-chain events, thus eliminating any chances of game disruption. Activities such as in-game transactions and wallet connections do not interfere with gameplay.

Looking forward

In retrospect, the KlayMeta gaming platform still has a long way to go before reaching its target goal. Based on KlayMeta’s roadmap, the game’s big launch is scheduled for Q1 in 2023, along with an update to its planned exchange that will debut in November.

The company is still adding new features to the game, such as calling and merging, which may take the community a while to understand.

While fusion allows players to generate new NFT characters by combining a base avatar with a sacrifice avatar, summon allows players to summon an NFT avatar of their liking. Both of these activities require players to spend in-game tokens.

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