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Learn How to Invest in NFT with BWC

by Lottar

ORLANDO, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2022 / Today, there are numerous companies that are already aiming their market towards the future with the imminent arrival of the metaverse; so we will explain to you what an NFT is, what its function is in the metaverse universe and how with BWC you can access exclusive benefits of being part of our community.

Maemdo LLC decided to create a community called Business World Club in its acronym BWC, which currently has a community of 10,000 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) based on an Etherium blockchain, this community according to its history comes from a star named Captain B These avatars are created with different characteristics and their special essence is that they are very colorful, perform different activities, have different roles, among others.

Business World Club has as one of its goals to be a collection where its members can connect between two worlds, the real and the virtual, to live in the second rewarding experiences that probably even its members do not in the physical world. Another goal of this BWC community is to interact and understand that we all have the same possibilities and are equal, regardless of our shape, color, race or taste, we can all work together and share as a team .

The BWC team is working to develop what is outlined in the roadmap. BWC sees itself as a growing community and, like any growing community, all its members stand to benefit.

BWC aims to bring people together regardless of their race, religion or traditions; by the colors used in each art (NFT) is meant to show the different social and cultural strata. Our approach to the development of BWC was based on the business concept and the concept of comprehensive development of community members.

We are supported in this project by a human team with experience in the development of NFT projects, currently this team has participated in the development of more than 150 NFT projects, more than 120 play to win and play to earn games , more than 160 applications in cryptocurrency exchange, developed 1000+ websites, 700+ smart contracts, 180+ blockchain games, created 26+ metaverse, 18 participation in other metaverse projects, 54 external metaverse performance audits. This support and experience in years as developers is 20 years.

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Information on the BWC Roadmap

In the third quarter of 2022, important progress was made in the Business World Club community, progress that will have a direct impact on your community. In the month of

September 2022 a webinar was held to publicize the advantages and benefits of this new era of NFT and the metaverse. BWC made an exclusive and closed sale with the participants of these webinars, which was carried out with total success and which led to the community already having its first members. During the same month of September and to support and strengthen the investment of our first members in the BWC project, The Sandbox bought a land in its metaverse, which will be developed for the benefit of the Business World Club community.

BWC is currently at 20% of its 1.0 roadmap where the entire team is working on launching its first 3,000 NFTs with the participation of its members through a Whitelist.

This Whitelist has some requirements for investors to enter it and the requirements are published on Business World Club’s discord.com, which you can access through the page www.businessworldclub.com.

The Whitelist is expected to take place in the 4th quarter of the year 2022.

The first 3,000 members will have the opportunity to participate in the benefit of winning one of the 800 gift cards that the community has as a benefit to draw among its members in 30% of its roadmap 1.0, just like the first to enter BWC will be able to have the joy of participating in the drawing of the community clubhouse in the real world, which will lead us to the fulfillment of the roadmap 1.0 in 40%. The clubhouse is a luxury property where only one of its members will be the winner. This clubhouse will be created in the metaverse for the enjoyment of the entire community, but only one member will own it in the physical world.

In the continuity of the fulfillment of the roadmap 1.0 in 50%, the remaining 7000 NFT of the BWC community will reach the earth.

In 60% of the roadmap 1.0, the online store will be activated with clothing, accessories and souvenirs for members, a digital identity filter will be activated for virtual events and video calls; In this event, the 10,000 members will be able to participate in another benefit given to the community, which is the draw for 40 vehicles 0 miles where BWC would fulfill 70% of its roadmap 1.0. The modalities of the draws will be informed on the discord platform and the vehicle will be delivered to the winners in their country of residence.

In 80%, the coin is introduced for the development of the economy, which will be useful for the Metaverse. At 90%, the launch of Maemdo City, the city of the BWC community, will be carried out, the delivery of the avatars to each member to be used within the Metaverse and finally we will finish with 100% of the roadmap 1.0, which is the delivery of the Metaverse.


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