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Living Opera Pioneers Decentralized Grantmaking Through Magic Mozart NFT Collection

by Lottar

WASHINGTON, 30 September 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Live Operaa web3 multimedia startup, announces the launch of Magical Mozarta non-fungible token (NFT) collection consisting of 1,791 NFTs based on the music and image of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his seminal composition of The magic flute which premiered on September 30st1791. Each layer of the NFT contains artistic features of The magic fluteas well as unique and personal musical compositions chained from the first large-scale demonstration of generative music through a dice game called Musical dice game attributed to Mozart.

In addition to the unique digital art and music, NFT holders will gain access to several dimensions of utility, such as first access to Live Opera Music NFTs and a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to see Soula Parasidis and Norman Reinhardt – two of the founders – step in Athens, Greece or Valencia, Spain in 2023, as well as a guest appearance in an upcoming documentary Greece.

The funds will also contribute to the launch and maintenance of the Living Arts DAO, an ecosystem for decentralizing grants in the performing arts and bringing practitioners and lovers of classical music together to build and travel. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs for short, use smart contracts and distributed governance to execute tasks at scale, often among geographically dispersed communities united by a common purpose.

“The way we’ve funded the arts, especially in opera, hasn’t changed much over the past few decades, but our research finds that individual artists have experienced wage stagnation and/or decline,” said the Canadian-Greek soprano and CEO of Living Opera said Soula Parasidis. “NFTs provide a way for people to directly support the artists they love, and receive rewards, access to special content, and participate in global artistic communities via the blockchain,” she continued.

Arts and culture philanthropists have donated almost $24 billion in 2021, but these donations rarely trickle down to the lives of individual artists. “We believe that blockchain can help bring transparency and accountability to arts philanthropy and our DAO is a step in that direction…our Living Arts DAO pilot among the Living Opera community opens up a frontier of possibilities for artists compensate and connect with philanthropists, so both sides grow and learn,” said Christos MakridisCOO of Living Opera.

Magic Mozart is the first of several NFT collections that Living Opera will launch, including: Dream girl – a music NFT collection based on Wagner’s Wesendonck songs which takes listeners through an emotional journey to explore the fragility of love, the passage of time and the highs and lows of human existence in just 20 minutes of heart-pounding music – and Divina – a fashion and music NFT collection that pays tribute to the genius of opera sensation Mary Callas on the 100st anniversary of her birth in 2023.

The complete collection of Magic Mozart NFTs can be viewed and purchased at https://mozart.livingopera.org/.

About Live Opera

Founded by two opera singers and an economist, Living Opera is a multimedia art-technology company that unites the classical music and blockchain communities to produce transformative content. Living Opera takes a holistic approach to life, work, and education: “life” means “full of life and vigor,” and “opera” means (in Latin) “labor, effort, attention, or work.” Living Opera NFT collections, like Magic Mozart, are designed to bring the art and technology worlds together by expanding the audience of people traditionally involved in classical music and visual arts.

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