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NFTz Introduces 3D NFT Virtual Galleries for the DeSo Blockchain

by Lottar

3D VR NFT Gallery



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NFTz becomes the first on-chain, social NFT gallery in the metaverse.

FORT MYERS, FL, UNITED STATES, Oct. 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today, NFTz.me moved the needle a little further in their quest to bring an immersive social experience to their NFT marketplace. This week they launched a beta version of their customizable 3D NFT galleries, which can be viewed in an immersive 3D environment on all major VR headsets, PCs and mobiles.

Every user on the DeSo blockchain (Decentralized Social), who owns or has created at least one NFT, now has the ability to view and share those NFTs within a 3D virtual art gallery. A user’s gallery can be accessed by simply typing the following url: [deso username].nftz.me and select the “3D Space” Gallery from the dropdown menu.

Examples of these 3D galleries can be found at the following URLs:

NFTz, with help from 3DeSocial, has also spiced up the experience by allowing DeSo users to give real hints (Diamonds) and Hearts to NFTs as they explore them in the virtual realm. Users can also bid on NFT auctions and buy NFTs through the virtual 3D environment, making NFTz one of the first ever NFT marketplaces built within the metaverse.

Although this is only the beta version of NFTz’s virtual 3D galleries, the company promises to further socialize and gamify the NFT space in the coming months.

“This is just the beginning of our 3D metaverse ambitions. Because of the social layer that the DeSo blockchain allows us to exploit, we feel that it is the perfect blockchain to use to merge NFTs with the metaverse and the whole experience in a new and exciting way,” said Brian Krassenstein, CFO of NFTz.

“Thanks to DeSo’s low-cost chain storage, we offer gasless NFT making of 3D models, including art, game assets and avatars. These can be imported into tools like Unity and Unreal Engine for metaverse or game development,” explains Andrew Van Duivenbode, Founder from 3DeSocial

NFTz is a web/mobile application built on the DeSo blockchain that enabled the storage of social media content on the chain. The app uses this relatively new blockchain to bring enhanced features to NFTs and their owners. These features include tips, comments, follow graphs and a single social identity cross-chain. NFTz is already working on integration with Ethereum, Polygon and Solana, with their sights on numerous other chains as well.

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NFTz’s VR NFT Gallery explained

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