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‘Skandal! Bringing Down Wirecard’ Netflix Review – The Biggest Scam in the Financial World!

by Lottar

Scandal: Bringing Down Wirecard is Netflix’s newly released documentary that shows us the story of this company called Wirecard in Germany. Germany has a very successful and traditional industry and is also known for its famous companies such as BMW, Volkswagen, etc. From this country there arose a company with more than six thousand employees, which was a complete scam. Wirecard is like The Emperor’s New Clothes, there is absolutely nothing legal about it. Wirecard was a company founded in 1999 that began to collapse in 2021 and is still going strong.

Wirecard, a financial industry in Germany was thriving with success until a group of journalists began to investigate and uncover the company’s massive fraud. Like any other documentary, it has original footage, voice recordings, etc. included to make the matter livelier. A Financial Times journalist named Dan McCrum takes us through his experience in cracking this case, as he has been working on it for the past six years.

We’ve all seen fictional financial scandals through movies and series, but watching a real one will leave you with chills. The documentary will make you question your online money transfer choices. Dan was thoroughly involved in this documentary as he explained each puzzle he had to solve to uncover the fraud involving Wirecard. Besides Dan, there are short sellers, employees who worked for the company, and some other people who explain to us the real Wirecard.

Wirecard can strangely attract the attention of audiences who may not be interested or familiar with financial terms of the financial world. Well, this is indeed a great watch for the people who are interested in this, because here they are talking about one of the biggest scandals in the financial sector. It reveals some shocking truths about the company regarding its dealings with the mafia and Russian intelligence agencies. The CEO of the company and his right hand are the main suspects in this scandal this is an ongoing case so it will be a good watch to catch up on what is happening in the world.

This one hour thirty three minute documentary is a great watch as we learn about one of the biggest financial crime thrillers. Marcus Braun, the CEO of Wirecard, and his right-hand man/ the chief operating officer of this German payment processing firm are the two interesting characters of this whole documentary. Marcus, who is currently on trial, refuses to comment on anything, making the case even more intriguing. No one knows if they planned it together or if Marcus had no idea about the events in the company. There are some surprising elements we learn about this case in the conclusion of this documentary which makes it a great watch.

Even though you might find the initial few scenes to be a bit slow, it will definitely keep you entertained with its disturbing revelations. It’s a must-watch if you want to gain insight into some of the worst human behavior.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by – Poornima Balsu
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