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Sovrn Enables Publishers to Achieve a Near Double CPM with ID5 ID

by Lottar

ID5the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, in partnership with Sleepa leading provider of advertising, affiliate marketing and data products across more than 60,000 websites, announced that publishers using Sovrn Signal and the ID5 ID can unlock a nearly two-fold increase in eCPMs.

Today, more than 40% of the web is cookieless and unresponsive. Regardless of Google’s plans to phase out third-party cookies—either in 2024 or beyond—regulatory and privacy pressures are removing the ability for publishers and advertisers to accurately target their most valuable consumers. Most open web publishers today lack the ability to leverage their own data assets.

To support publishers’ monetization efforts, Sovrn ran a test where Sovrn Signal matched participating publisher first-party IDs with consented and authorized hashed emails (HEMs) in the Sovrn Data Collective. Publishers then transfer the HEM to ID5, which attaches it to the ID5 ID and passes it on to all SSPs that support the identifier. Sovrn linked authorized, first-party data from the Sovrn Data Collective to an ID5 ID on each applicable user visit, which was then passed on to buyers for evaluation.

“The outcome of this test shows that there are privacy-safe solutions for publishers to use datasets to enrich and segment their first-party data,” says Morwenna Beales, VP strategic partnerships at ID5. “At ID5, we are committed to helping all publishers, regardless of their prominence, size or ability to leverage first-party data, increase accountability and improve monetization. The partnership with Sovrn represents another effective tool to deliver on our commitment.”

By using Signal to harness the power of the Sovrn Data Collective, publishers using ID5’s first-party identifier can enrich and segment their first-party data, compare ad performance against other publishers in the collective, link hashed emails and Sovrn’s add complete event stream. .

“Sovrn provided us with a rich supply of second-party data tied to our first-party ID, making one in four of our users addressable with a hashed email so we could scale our partnership with ID5 ,” said Kyle Ivins, co-founder and chief revenue officer Monumetric. “This has provided much-needed control, transparency and huge performance gains. Partners who can deliver technical innovations like this are critical to a publisher’s ability to future-proof their business in a post-cookie world.”

“We are excited to share these results showing increased CPM lift from our testing of Signal’s ability to use authorized, first-party data from the Sovrn Data Collective along with using an ID5 ID,” said Babac Vafay, vice -president of product growth at Sovrn. “This is an exciting step forward on our path to deliver solutions that help publishers activate their audience value at scale.”

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