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The Relictum GTN token was listed on September 29

by Lottar

SINGAPORE, Oct. 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – Relictum PRO is an advanced blockchain platform that represents an ecosystem of services and applications. The platform token was listed on the LBank exchange on September 29. Users can buy or sell GTNs on the exchange, share them in the Relictum Node wallet or use them for purchases on the NFT market, relictumnft.market.

The Relictum NFT Market is a platform for authors, where everyone can display their work and patent it. All the essential NFT positioning factors are considered: price for placement, copyright protection and traffic.

Artists can add hidden content, promotional files with presentations or a video about the process of creation of the work. There is no gas on relictumnft.market – there will only be a 3$ fee when selling the token. The creation of the token in the blockchain will cost the author as little as $10, while payment for unlimited storage of the token in a decentralized storage is $1 per mb. The NFTs stored in the storage are reliably protected against hacking and theft.

Competitions, promotions, offers and other events for the community are held on a regular basis.

Alexander Strigin, CEO, explains the purpose of the platform and its value:

“The myth that NFTs are ordinary images of millions has already collapsed. Speculators took a break during the cryptocurrency bear market, but the technology lives on. Non-flippable tokens reveal their potential as business tools: anti-counterfeiting, resale monitoring , metaverse workflows, the entertainment gaming world, the fashion industry, etc. This is the result of the efficient use of non-slingable token technologies. Of course, the digital art market has received a new breath thanks to the great interest in NFTs, and artists have a better got a chance to get recognition for their work. Still, there are not many talented specialists in media art, and the existing ones still need to find new opportunities to earn their talent. The demand for specialists in the industry is high. This is very important for talented designers, animators and artists to declare themselves at the moment to be noticed and a successful career as early as possible getting started in the cryptocurrency industry.”

The Relictum NFT Market has an intuitive interface. Authors can find video tutorials on Youtube to quickly understand how to publish their works on the market:

• How to Create an NFT Token on the Relictum Pro Blockchain —

• How to Import an NFT Token to the Relictum NFT Market —

More details can be found on the website https://relictumnft.market

Alex Strigin, CEO
The rest of the NFT market
+7 919 635-57-10
[email protected]

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