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TrafficGuard to Power RavenTrack with Affiliate Protection

by Lottar

Triple ad fraud protection for brands, agencies and ad networks TrafficGuard have a new deal with RavenTrackan online gaming affiliate.

TrafficGuard makes a deal with RavenTrack

TrafficGuard and RavenTrack have formed a new partnership to help betting brands and advertisers spend less on affiliate marketing by avoiding fraud. To that end, TrafficGuard will use its full-funnel multi-point affiliate protection product to analyze end-user engagement, intent and propensity. As a result, the company will provide brands with a transparent view of their advertising activity, which they can use to boost their returns.

TrafficGuard’s affiliate product is equipped with custom filters that help make sure affiliates don’t violate operators’ terms and conditions. According to the current agreement, TrafficGuard’s solution will be integrated into RavenTrack, thus helping brands and advertisers using their software to get optimal results.

The new agreement comes in response to the massive growth that online gambling and sports betting has experienced. Currently, estimates say that around a quarter of the world’s population likes to bet on sports in a market that could generate as much as $127 billion a year by 2025.

Affiliate marketing is a strategy that many brands use to quickly grow their customer base. However, the aforementioned growth has created a very competitive market that has unfortunately become home to many scammers. And it is TrafficGuard’s goal to prevent exactly these scams. The solution is capable of stopping many types of invalid traffic, including anonymous traffic, cookie stuffing and domain spoofing.

TrafficGuard fights for a healthier digital space

Matt Sutton, TrafficGuard’s CEO, noted that the huge boost the iGaming industry experienced amid the pandemic allowed many “bad actors” to join the fray. However, TrafficGuard is there to stop this and is more than willing to mitigate the damage caused by the fraudulent activities.

Through our Affiliate Prevention and integration into RavenTrack, we want to enable the brands and advertisers using their market leading software to get their optimized and accurate ROAS with the right data, at the right time.

Matt Sutton, CEO, TrafficGuard

Sutton noted that TrafficGuard’s solutions exist to help affiliate platforms like RavenTrack deliver positive business outcomes for their customers.

Adam Rowley, RavenTrack’s managing director, added that his company recognizes the need for accurate tracking. That’s why his team is delighted to join forces with TrafficGuard and further improve the quality of RavenTrack’s products.

Our customers are already reaping the benefits of our fraud prevention detection, and the partnership between RavenTrack and TrafficGuard will see our customers benefit from TrafficGuard’s leading ad network expertise, particularly in supporting customers in the global gaming and sports betting markets, enabling us help advance our mission. to ensure the best possible performance for our customers.

Adam Rowley, Managing Director, RavenTrack

TrafficGuard recently unveiled a similar solution for social media. TrafficGuard Social aims to eliminate fraud from platforms such as Facebook. The solution will roll out in 2023 and will expand to cover the most popular social media platforms.

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