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Vossle releases v1.5: Inline AR for SEO 

by Lottar

  • Vossle’s latest product version (v1.5) includes the ability to include augmented reality.
  • Cloud-based Augmented Reality platform that allows users to create web-based AR experiences without requiring any coding knowledge.

Vossle, a No-Code WebAR development SaaS platform that enables businesses to create augmented reality in less than one minute, recently added a new feature of ‘Inline AR’ to its capability. Vossle has released its latest product version (v1.5) with the feature of embedding Augmented Reality (AR) experiences into any website to make it more intuitive for users thereby improving SEO parameters and making the website rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

With this Vossle update, users can now experience augmented reality while browsing the website content. Digital content creators have the ability to embed face filters or 3D AR experiences on their web pages using this

The benefits of Vossle’s Inline Augmented Reality feature are longer session duration, improved user experience and fast AR content loading. Search engines like Google and Bing give a ranking boost to websites that users spend more time on. Additionally, Google’s latest release mentioned how the world’s largest search engine will give high value to websites that provide a great user experience to visitors. Vossle helps improve all these factors for website owners.

“With the latest release from Vossle, we are introducing conversion-driven AR experiences to the world. It revolutionizes how we consume information on websites and gives website owners unprecedented ammunition to rank higher on search engines,” explains Mr Prafulla Mathur, co-founder of Vossle.

Here is the YouTube link to see a mobile version of Vossle Inline AR Feature – https://youtu.be/ULD6PGRFiBY
This is a live demo of Vossle’s Inline AR in a blog talking about AR Virtual Glasses. While reading the blog, a user can instantly experience a face filter with 3D glasses in real time. All this without leaving the site, imagine the opportunities it offers.

Vossleis a No-Code cloud-based SaaS platform that helps create web-based augmented reality (WebAR) experiences. The customers can access the experience without downloading any app.   Vossle was launched in January 2021 and is co-founded by Prafulla Mathur and Pulkit Mathur who are serial technology entrepreneurs and also the founders ofQueppelin, a global Metaverse development company.Vossleraised funds from Vikas Saxena whois the former CEONimbuzzwhich was acquired by UK’s New Call telecom for $250 million.   Vossle’s advanced Web 3.0-based Artificial Intelligence engine can detect and map the environment around you and place 3D Augmented Reality content to provide experiences such as world target or Marker-less AR, AR Games, or AR Try-ons and filters. It is used worldwide by some marquee brands such as Emirates NBD, Unilever,and Tanishq(a Tata product) and was also part of Unilever Tech Foundry.

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